Kenya and Tanzania


November 2011


I have grown older and wiser and now believe most people don’t care about my thoughts about places (and besides it’s harder to have the energy to write that much); therefore, the following are merely pictures with maybe a caption or two.




Our first wild zebra

By the end of the trip we didn’t even bother with their pictures


View from Our Hotel Room















 Before you feel too bad about the cheetahs' meal being disturbed by the tourist vehicles,

we were told the cheetahs most likely welcomed them

because they most likely kept other wild animals from taking it from them.















The Real Pride Rock










Our last day. If you look at the elephants hind legs you can barely make out a gray lump.

It’s is a new born. We later saw it up and trying to nurse (very touching and a little comical),

but the light was too bad to get anything.

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