I must confess when Pam suggested this trip I was not all that excited about it. I assumed like most people South Dakota had little to offer in the way of photographic opportunities. As is usually the case when I disagree with Pam, I was wrong and this became one of my favorite trips.

While we stayed at a delightful hotel not directly in Rapid City, I could see an advantage to staying in town. Rapid City is known for having life size statues of all of the past presidents. I could easily see where an amateur photographer staying in town could be out at all hours trying to get just the right light on their favorite statue. I did take pictures of them all for Pam. I guess the one below is my favorite, but I should have spent more time getting the light right.

Of course, about 2 hours outside of Rapid City (it seemed like everything was 2 hours outside of Rapid City - but that's a good thing because we stayed in the same hotel for the whole trip) is Mount Rushmore and Chief Crazy Horse.

On another day and another two hours away from Rapid City was a visit to a wild horse sanctuary. It became the highlight of the trip for me. I have always loved horses and find them very photogenic. I could fill a lot of space with horse pictures but for now we'll settle for these.

The scenery was far different than I expected for South Dakota.

We also saw the famous (or infamous) Wall Drug. Dead Wood and Custer State Park.

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