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If you are looking for the Lobenhofer Consulting, Inc. website, you found it! Reaching the age of 75 helped me decide to forgo my annual contributions to the state of Illinois in order to call myself a corporation; therefore, the website is now merely my personal website.


Actually, nothing is changed, except at my age I pick and choose carefully what consulting projects I accept. Generally, I only take those projects that perk my interest.


 So, what interests me? Well, if you’re project involves controlling the tensile properties of gray/ductile iron, you're most likely in. Other than that, I enjoy finding out what is causing a foundry problems by examining their data. Beyond that, you can never tell what might perk my interest. If you got a project you’d like to talk about feel free to call or shoot me an email. I don’t charge for either of those. If you want to decide whether my background warrants your interest, check out the About Me section.


What does an old foundryman do to keep busy and fill up web pages. I mentioned above my interest in controlling the tensile properties of gray/ductile iron. I’ve written articles on the subject and software to assist foundries control their tensile properties.


As with most old men, I like sharing the insights I’ve learned through the years. The difference between me and most others is I’m not afraid to pen to paper (well, fingers to a key board). I’ve written and had published a number of articles. I still get the urge to share my thoughts. This web site means I don’t have to screen my thoughts through magazine editors who have to worry about hurting advertisers feelings. You might find some of the essays interesting. For shorter thoughts I've been adding to my blog lately.


Of course, I’ve been interested in capturing the beauty of God's creation since before I was in high school. Now with more time available and going to more interesting places, I’ve really got to spend the time on it. If you'd like to see what I’ve been able to accomplish with the camera visit the photography section of the site.


Speaking of photographing interesting places, Pam and I have been able to go to see some beautiful and interesting sights. I’ve put together thoughts and photographs of some of the places we’ve visited. Please feel free to take a look at the travel section of the site.


Finally, I enjoy collecting short meaningful sayings. The ability to get a significant message across in a sentence or two is something I admire. Here are some examples, but you can see more by visiting the quotes section of the site.


Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.


Don't measure it and your people know you're not serious about delivering it.

Peter Drucker

In God We Trust (All Others, Bring Data)

Edward Deming 


George Goodrich

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